30 November 2009

Three Lazy Rich EPs

By now if you're an electro house fan you should be very familiar with the name Lazy Rich. I first found out about lazy rich through Miles Dyson's remix of his song Don't think about me. He's been making banger after banger, and should really be a part of any recent electro house set. In many ways I feel as though Mr. Rich has surpassed my former top Miles Dyson. These aren't the newest but they are in 320 and they are complete.

Get More Lazy Rich here, here, here, here, here

I should just do a big lazy Rich compilation post.


All 320:

Ghosts (original Mix) by Lazy Rich, it's called ghosts. You know it's gonna be cool. But then Again I like Ghosts.

Ghosts (Costello Remix) by Lazy Rich, What BBR was trying to do and failed. should take a leaf out of Costello's book. Hits harder then the one above in a sense. It's just more grungy I guess.

Ghosts EP, this has some really amazing remixes. Defintiely get this.

No More Games (Original Mix) by Lazy Rich and Cassandra Nantel, Golden Banana Winner

No More Games EP, the remixes on here aren't as good as the Ghost Eps, but still definitely worth getting.

Lost So Deep (Original Mix) by Lazy Rich, Not a new track at all, but you know, I decided to put it up anyways.

Lost So Deep EP, all this has on it is another remix by lazy Rich which I find to be calmer then the original. Still cool though.

To go through everything individually: Here

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