02 December 2009

Cirez D

I love Eric Prydz. He's incredible. The man can just do it all. He's made old French style House, Trance/Prog, Tech, he just kills everything he tries. This post will be dedicated to his productions under the alias Cirez D, which he uses for his Minimal Techno tracks. Although there's still a trace of his Progressive style, these tracks are Tech bombs and will destroy your rave crowds.

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On Off (Original Mix) - Cirez D
(Silver Banana)
Called the top track of 2009 by Eddie Halliwell. Although this might be a little underwhelming in your headphones, I assure you this blows up on a soundsystem.

Stockholm Marathon (Original Mix) - Cirez D
Man, Techno is just the shit. In some ways its just far more trancey than Trance, and it makes you feel like a bad ass at the same time. Techno is Trance for bad asses.

Fast Forward (Original Mix) - Cirez D
More awesome Techno.

Cirez D Collection
By Track // Zipped
Pictures On Off (Funkagenda Bootleg) - Sneaky Sound System vs. Cirez D (GOLDEN BANANA)
This bootleg is the shit. It takes the already incredible track and puts the perfect acapella over. Immediately more accessible to everyone. Major props to Funkagenda.

Pjanoo (High Contrast Remix) - Eric Prydz
And why not this awesome DnB remix of the classic Pjanoo?

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