02 June 2009

Kiddy Pop!

Dada Life are a fantastic electro house duo from Sweden (oh how we love Sweden) that is absolutely killing it right now and has a huge fan base in both the house and electro crowds (Check out our first post on them HERE). They're also on the verge of releasing their next album, Just Do The Dada, which I must say is fantastic as its got banger after banger. Really excited for when they release DJ friendly 12'' versions of all the songs on the album so we can start dropping them in sets. We are extremely proud to present our interview with Dada Life:

Apes With Barrels: How did Dada Life get started?

Dada Life: We had an idea back in 2006 that two insane individuals working together will be transformed into a mentally stable organism - Dada Life! As we started composing music together we know that it was love at first sight.

AwB: Where did the name Dada Life come from?

DL: We wanted a name that says f#ck everything and just have fun. People tend to think too much and worry about stupid things. Forget about tomorrow and have fun now!

AwB: What were your guys' roots musically?

DL: Both Olle and I have been into music for ages. Olle has been doing everything from playing in a punk-band to doing sound installations in Brazil. I’ve been doing crazy Japanese boy band to really heavy trance stuff.

AwB: Why Guerilla Farts?

DL: Whenever we feel that a track is missing some elements we go in a add them. Sometimes it’s just a new bassdrum and a C64 blipp, other times we take the hook and make a completely new production. It’s not a remix, it’s not a bootleg it’s a Guerilla Fart! What is your guys' favorite Guerilla Fart? (We know ours is your remix of Domino) We love all our Guerilla Farts, at the moment I must say fart #8, “The Timelords/KLF - Doctorin The Tardis (Dada Life Guerilla Fart #8)"

I Will Rock You (Dada Life Guerilla Fart #9) - Domino

AwB: What's the usual process behind your production (i.e. samples first, a bass line that turns into a song...), and what advice would you give to producers working hard out there?

DL: It can be anything from hammering a fork on the table to some chords on a guitar. Every track has its unique story.

AwB: What programs/synths do you use to produce?

DL: Mainly we use Ableton Live, it’s an amazing program! We can’t wait until they release next version - Max for Live!!!

AwB: What were some of the intentions behind the new album?

DL: To make a bunch of hit songs that you will be ashamed that you liked in a few years!

AwB: We noticed that you drop a lot of electro in your sets (as in The Bloody Beetroots, Mr. Oizo, and Crookers). We've seen you guys defined as all sorts of genres like electro, house, minimal, and tech house. How would you categorize your sound if you must and what other artists have a similar sound (if any)?

DL: Kiddy Pop!

AwB: We first learned about you guys from your remix of Break the House Down on Laidback Luke's EP and immediately noticed your name as a point of interest. So we've always attributed you guys and Laidback Luke together in our minds. We've also noticed that Laidback Luke's remixed some of your guys' stuff. Do you guys have any personal connection to him?

DL: Laidback Luke is an extremely talented guy, we’re discussing with him a collaboration with Dada Life ☺ (AWESOME!!!!!!)

Break The House Down (Dada Life Remix) - Laidback Luke (REMOVED)

AwB: Why are so many of the best House producers coming out of Sweden? Is it the smörgåsbord of musical influences?

DL: I think that our tap water is polluted from the northern lights combined with the polar bears. We stay inside safe from the polar bears just making music.

AwB: What's a song that will destroy any crowd no matter what?

DL: We’re in the planning to make the ultimate Guerilla Fart, a Fart that will destroy a whole genre. It’s top secret, and we’ve just got the best encryption software to protect this idea. Can’t say much more…

AwB: Who should we look into that you think we would like / should be watching out for?

DL: Super Viral Brothers

AwB: Who should we interview next?

DL: Super Viral Brothers

AwB: Would an Eskimo stripper be the shit right now? How bout some hot chocolate?

DL: Pour it over her, she's freezing.

Hot Chocolate + Polar Bear Rug (Dada Life Remix) - Super Viral Brothers

I must say, they have the most amazing photographer. Just Do The Dada will be out September 8, 2009, and I can assure you all that you won't want to miss this one. That possible collaboration with Laidback Luke is really exciting, but I must say I have another collaboration in mind that I think would blow that out of the water. Does anyone else want to see a release from Gaga Life in 2009?

Here's the video for the frist single off the album, Happy Hands & Happy Feet:

Happy Hands & Happy Feet - Dada Life

And here's a video of them playing live:

The best part about Dada Life is that not only are they fantastic producers, but they sure as hell know how to mix. Here's their latetest mixtape:

Dada Life May Mix 2009 - Dada Life
*Tracklist in comments


  1. Tiga – Shoes (Mr Oizo Remix)
    Unconditional – Gladiators (Nari & Milani Remix)
    Curses! – The Deep End (Bart B More Remix)
    Prodigy – No Good (Dimitri Vegas Bootleg Mix)
    Dada Life – Happy Hands & Happy Feet (Malente’s Wasted Kidz & Wacky Mix)
    Diplo & Afrojack – How I Like It
    Djedjotronic feat.Spoek – Dirty and Hard (Boys Noize Remix)
    Albin Myers – Times Like These (Dada Life Remix)
    Proxy – Raven (Crookers Remix)
    Dada Life – Cheap Thrills For A Lost Generation (12″ Edit)
    Designer Drugs – Zombies (Bird Peterson Remix)
    Don Diablo – Get on the floor (Don Diablo’s Just Begun Edit)
    The Bloody Beetroots Feat Steve Aoki – WARP 1.9

  2. When Happy Hands, Happy Feet came out for the first time, I downloaded it strictly because of the picture of one of them force feeding meat to the other.

    I guess that's techno?

  3. dig the lower video, but how come it doesnt look like the crowd is into it?

  4. Thank you for the interview.

    Cheers fro Brazil,

    Gabriel Lucas

  5. This is a great interview! Thanks for commenting on my blog... gotta love Dada Life.

  6. nahh dude i saw them in phoenix and every track was killerrr. The crowd loved them, there prrety damn good and get all pumped up :D

  7. I forgot you guys did this, this is pretty historical considering...

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