02 June 2009

My Search to Find More Jesus

In our quest to get everything Wolfgang Gartner has every made. Unfortunately we're still missing some stuff but be content to get all of these. I'm sorry this post is so short, I've had a very long day, but I still want to share these tracks, Expect that interview to go up tomorrow. If you want the rest of the collection go here, here, here, and here. I'm sorry most of these are such shit quality, they were really hard to find...


Sweet Candy (Original Mix) by Wolfgang Gartner My Favorite of all these tracks by far!

Sour Candy (Original Mix) by Wolfgang Gartner This one's cool as hell too.

Emergency (Original Mix) by Wolfgang Gartner
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Emergency (Cates & DPL Remix) by Wolfgang Gartner (On the EP)

Cruel World (Wolfgang Gartner Kindergarten Slam Mix) by Dan Saenz and Ron Reeser

Sesso Buono (Original Mix) by Wolfgang Gartner

Have a nice Day.

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