21 September 2010

Dusk Winterman EP

Artwork by Vasya Kolotusha

Dusk Winterman is a legendary off road racer who's never lost a race ever. He only races off road. He currently drives a Jeep which he won from an African tribe by beating their best racer. That's how you know its a damn good car.

Aside from racing Dusk does two things (though they are related to racing): face wines and gets blow jobs in neutral.

Before every race Dusk face wines: the act of having box wine poured down into your mouth from a distance, ideally a balcony. This makes sure that he's at the perfect level of greatness before he begins his great race.

During the race he's just so far ahead that he just picks up some bitty, throws the car into neutral, and gets a blow job. Not only does he still win the race, but he crosses the finish line in neutral.

He is an idol to everybody who has met him, and only races off road.

Dusk Winterman, with his great stash of powers, also has a sidekick Liquid Sparks: a man who goes so fast that the sparks from his tires turn to liquid. Watch out for Liquid Sparks EP coming soon.

We are extremely proud to present you with our brand new EP:

Dusk Winterman EP - Bastille

Half of Bastille (The M one that does all the posts), will be playing at a Lesbian club in North Hampton called Divas.  If you're in the area, it's gonna be a party.  And guys don't worry, it's very well attended by Smith girls, and enough of them will jump on you.  Check the Facebook event HERE.


  1. hell yeah blow job in neutral is too raw
    you deserve to hear this

  2. artwork available here redinkonpaper.blogspot.com

  3. awesome EP fellas! fuckin' bangs hard.

    but i can't lie, your whole "dusk winterman" thing is kind of a Kavinsky rip off. but it don't matter, cuz the music rages.

    or was that the point?


  4. Really good stuff. I can't help but being a little bothered by the name of the first track, but good music is good music.

  5. very good, happy to hear it from a blog i regularly visit