22 September 2010

Listening to these guys is like having the shag of your life. Sure you’ve had several eargasms listening to F.O.O.L, R3set and No1Else, sure you’ve probably cumed to Designer Drugs’ Drop Down even before pressing the play button or maybe you’ve wobbled your head so hard to Fukkk Offfs’ I’m A Freak that you can no longer think straight.

But these guys are different. Their tunes are so slutty that they have ‘dance hard party harder’ written all over them.Spin these hotties in a set and even the DJ will be taken for an intense ride in the dark corners of the dancefloor. How do I know that these chicks are Hot enough for your standard dirty disco set , dirty electro set, or fuck it dirty anything for that matter!? This is how. Popping from Instanbul. Gooseflesh has earned some serious rave credentials. Earning them the reputation of one of the Big Boys in the nasty underground music world in Eastern Europe. Playing at events such as Transmusicale in Renne.

“K Simple P it all sounds good, but even my 90 year old grandma spins filthy music in various places and has produced an occasional ‘banger’ here and there.” Yeah but you’re 90 year old grandma isn’t praised and supported by BBCs’ Radio 1, she hasn’t been hired by Dim Mak and EMI to produce and remix some of their tunes and hasn’t had her tunes remixed by the likes of Cyberpunkers and Fukkk Offf . Her sets can’t be that filthy anyway, she probably doesn’t spin any Gooseflesh tunes in fear of dying from a heart attack. What can I say not everyone can handle hotness.

Mi Amor (Gooseflesh Remix) - Pro7
Amame mi amor

Wet (Fukkk Offf Remix) - Gooseflesh
Wet is an understatement this tune had me dehydrated.

Love Me Hate Kiss Me Kill Me ( Gooseflesh Remix) - Fukkk Offf
"If you're talking behind my back that's a good position to kiss my ass"

Dodgems (Cyberpunkers Remix) - Gooseflesh
If you read my Cyberpunkers articles, you shouldn't even be wondering if whether to download this or not!

Simple P


  1. It's about time they start getting some recognition! Gooseflesh is my favorite, ever!

  2. haha, yes! are you THE bastille?

  3. ...... cj milli i can never thank you enough for heartbreaker baby. i'd have to write you a book.