17 September 2010


"Give us a mask and we Shall tell you the truth"

Born in 2006, Cyberpunkers are a dj duo from Milan who very like Death Crew 77 aka The Bloody Beetroots, combine photography, fashion, design and ofc Electronic music with a touch just a little touch (not too much!) of Rave Punks! Dropping their latest EP I Needed To Go,(EPIC BANANA), followed by a string of hardcore electro bangers of: The Toxic Avengers' Toxic Is Dead (Golden Banana), The Blister Boyz' Solferino (I can now Die Happy Banana), Haezers' Who the Fuck is Haezer, Chewy Chocolate Cookies' Massive and as if that wasn't filthy enough they've got a remix of Designer Drugs' Fly By Night coming up!!

Simple P

ps: As in my previous article the DOWNLOAD links are on the written article. So to download The Toxic Avengers Toxic is Dead click on Toxic is dead.