27 February 2010

Best Lightshow Ever

As I just posted that Pablo Decoder remix of Welcome, I went looking for the song on youtube to show it to him while on his computer. Instead I found this video of Etienne playing, and it's fucking tight. I never knew about this lightshow, but I can't deny that I would LOVE to see it (even though I hear his actual sets are just ok from M). He could be playin the worst shit ever, and I would just be entranced by the cubes.


Not as good as the pablo decoder but you know:

Welcome (Bloody Beetroots Remix) by Etienne De Crecy, nice to see something good after a long spree of shit.


  1. anything is better than the pablo decoder.


  2. Saw his lightshow at Matter... dont let the gimmick fool you his sets are also unbelievable - but he always does roughly the same set with the lightshow (with slight variations and additions) i would seriously recommend getting his Live at Neptune EP.... thanks for the great post :)

  3. was at coachella last year. was expecting a lot more from the show

  4. Saw him in Belgium last year; He kicked monkeybutt! Totally Bananas :D

    Want to surf on the most beautifull electro-waves;? Go and see Ettiene le Crazy!