26 January 2010

Drop It Like It's Hot

What's a buildup without an epic drop? Eh? Can I get a witness? This batch of some of the most awesome drops goes out to the fuckin G, Peter Cameron. Also, keep in mind this is by no means a definitive list of the best drops or whatever, just a list I put together with a bunch of honorable mentions if you will. Also, every track is a Golden Banana, that's sort of why they're on this list. In other words, if there ever was a time to grab the zip file at the bottom, now's it, I promise every track here is worth it.


Get Off (Original Mix) - Sharooz
Quite possibly the most epic electro drop ever. This track is famous for it.

Under the Water (Dada Life Remix) - Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike
My personal favorite drop at the moment. Just like, wow.

Suddenly (Dave Darell Remix) - BT
The most triumphant drop on this list.

Muzik (Bingo Players Remix) - Villanord
Definitely my favorite drop by these guys, it just really gets me every time.

Atlantic (Original Mix) - Arias
Definitely one of the best Progressive drops out there. It's just perfect, you don't expect it at all either.

Panzershreck (Original Mix) - PSEUDO-LICIOUS
Two just simply amazing drops. The first is Tech-licious, the second Electro-licious. This is one of my 'secret DJ weapons' if you will.

Set It Off (Ian Carey Remix) - Dennis Christopher
My favorite Organ House drop. Super triumphant as well, that's a quality I really like in House music.

Love Is Gone (Fred Rister & Joachim Garraud Remix) - David Guetta
This is the full version, lots of peeps have the Radio Edit. This massive Electro drop is famous.

So Dance (Club Mix) - Spencer & Hill
The track that made me fall in love with these Krauts, mostly because of the drop.

Everybody (Dabruck & Klein Remix) - Rudenko
Such an interesting, unexpected drop. Not crazy or epic or anything, you'll just be like, ooooooh.

Motherfucking Bass (Popof Remix 1) - DJ Rush
You should all know this one. This drop made me like Techno, or rather understand it.

Metalworld (Son Of A Beat Remix) - Forza
Another Techno drop that just gets me every single time. We've already raved on this blog about how this drop is amazing, and this would be the 3rd time this track has been posted.

Nobody Gets Out Alive! - Le Castle Vania
Been obsessed with this one as well. It's like Electro Metal, and makes me want to thrash around like crazy every time I hear it.

Massive Joy (Thomas Gold Remix) - Carlos Russo
This drop is just perfect. It's not the hardest or craziest or anything like that, it's just so perfect and right. You'll understand. So beautiful.

Broken String - Tek-One
I mean, the purpose of most Dubstep tracks is to just have the craziest awesome drop. I could add like 20+ tracks to this post if I was including Dubstep. However, this drop is just way too good to not be included. The best Dubstep drop. Period.

Drop It Like It's Hot Zipped

Suddenly (Dave Darell Vocal Mix) - BT
This is the full version. Finally. Above is only the radio edit. This is definitely one of the best House tracks ever made.


  1. Strange, it just worked for me. I'll upload an alternate for you though.

  2. I dont know if u like my shit, but i posted my own album, hope u liked!


  3. Fantastic post - thanks alot (would like to add this to the shortlist: Growls Garden - Clark,

    turn up your speakers and wait until 2:10, you will not regret it

  4. i think i like it-fake blood, would have been killer in this post

  5. You probably missed the time I posted that whole Fake Blood EP and got an email from him personally.

  6. Big respect for including Tek One. The most dynamic dubstep act around. HEAVY!