25 January 2010

Best Buildups

Somebody requested a best drops post, so in order to prepare for M's post on that, I decided to do a best buildups post. You gotta remember that a lot of the best drops also have best buildups, so I tried not to overlap. I realize this list doesn't include everything, but it really would be hard to think of all of those. These are some that came to mind in no particular order, these are also in no way new.

So it's like, damn that girl's fine, and I wanna dance with her but I like needs somethin to gets it started. I gots to put on those phat beats you know what i'm s ayin. It's like sometimes you walkin into the room and turnin heads just ain't enough, you gotta make everybdy start feelin it. Just like carry a cd with some of these beats on you at all times to throw shit down.


Wake up by Les Petits Pilous, The buildup in song is epic as hell, but for some reason I was never satisfied with the drop, but I still like the song.

Zdaright by Digitalism I would put magnets and their remix of technologic in the same boat.

So Haunted (Knightlife's sun soaked Remix) by Cut Copy, this was my jam for a bit.

Je Veux Te Voir by Yelle, How couldn't a song about Cuzinier's small dick not have an epic buildup.

Love to edit by Crookers, who wouldn't expect this on here.

I Want your soul (Fake Blood Remix) by Armand Van Helden, I wouldn't call this an epic buildup, but it's just so fucking cool.

The Things you say (Dirty South Remix) by Cicada, Again not the most epic, but that voice is so cool and eerie it puts everybody in awe.

P.O.V. (Steve Angello Remix) by Kim Fai

Don't Think About Me (Miles Dyson Remix) by Lazy Rich, This song is all about the second buildup. Me and my boy tony were sitting in his room and we heard this and just were like damn this shit's hot. This gets it started.

Lovelight (Soulwax Ravelight Remix) by Robbie Williams, this took a while but it grew on me hardcore.


I'm sorry for posting our own shit, but 1. as we really were very influenced by the soulwax remix above and 2. I'm very proud of this buildup, in fact it's basically the whole purpose of the song.

Crazy Disco (Bastille Remix) by JELO and Adam K.

Yo, any peeps got any additions?
Go Nuts, Go Ape Shit.

All this shit zipped.


  1. Soulwax link is switched with the Angello one :/

    good sheet

  2. More great buildups, imo

    The reward is cheese - Deadmau5 feat JELO
    Who doesnt love this

    Unleashed - Prok and Fitch
    Second build is amazing

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