21 May 2009

An Historical Novel About the Discovery of Sugar

Bird Peterson, although fairly new to the scene, has grown in a very short amount of time to earn a reputation as a great producer and DJ, earning a spot on tour with MSTRKRFT and even at Electric Daisy Carnival. In case you missed our post on him before, you should go HERE to grab some of his tracks. On recommendation from our previous interview with The Disco Villains (LINK), we would like to present our interview with Bird Peterson:

Apes With Barrels: If you had to give birth to the child of a DJ/producer, whose child would you have?

Bird Peterson: Norman Cook. NEXT!

AwB: What’s your musical background? What made you decide to go the route of synthesizers, computers, and decks?

BP: I'm a big fan of all types of music. What I've learned is dance music is the only genre where you can cross-pollinate without it sounding corny as hell. So when i started doing this stuff I was able to really sink my teeth into it in the way I was taught by all other genres.

AwB: We read that the name “Bird Peterson” is a combination of Charlie Parker and Oscar Peterson. If this is true, what got you into Jazz, how do you feel about contemporary Jazz, and how do you think your name reflects your music?

BP: That was just a story i made up. I really don't remember where the name came from. But, damn, do I love jazz. Miles Davis' In A Silent Way, Coltrane's A Love Supreme, and Sander's Elevation were my gateways. I'm a big fan of the really spiritual and lush sounds of the late 60s. I feel like you can here it in my funkier jams, but also in the chaos of my nutso ones.

AwB: When you play live, what kind of equipment do you prefer to use and what drink do you prefer to have?

BP: Serato, two Technics, an 800, and a Mountain Dew.

AwB: What has been your favorite gig so far?

BP: 1st Ave in Minneapolis with Dave Nada, Stareyes, Mike 2600, and the Moongoons kids.

Here's a video documenting that very gig


AwB: What was the best concert you attended before you became Bird Peterson and how would you say it affected the creation and inspiration behind your music?

BP: Akron/Family in 05. It was the most amazing show i have ever seen and nothing since then has come close. I don't know how it has affected my music personally, but I know it has affected everything else. Seriously, go buy every album by Akron/Family.

AwB: What do you use to produce? Do you prefer analog equipment or are you strictly a software guy?

BP: I use both digital and analog.

AwB: There are so many different and ultra specific genres to describe all the electronic dance music coming out right now. We hear a variety of influences in your music, from electro and house to fidget and dubstep and hip hop. How would you categorize your music and who else would you say, if anyone, has a similar sound to you?

BP: Let's call it.... Birdtronica. It's mine! I like to think I really have my own genre that not many people have ventured in to.

AwB: Do you have any future collaborations in the planning?

BP: Ohhhh... just you wait, friends.

AwB: We know that you’ve been on tour with MSTRKRFT, but are there any other guys out there that you enjoy to play live with?

BP: Tittsworth, Klever, Mike 2600, Felix Cartal, Nadastrom, Craze, The Rub, and Scottie B. That dude is ferocious.

Skeletons (Bird Peterson Remix) - Felix Cartal

AwB: As I’m sure you’re aware, the new MSTRKRFT album, Fist Of God, didn’t go over so well, and I’ve already said that your remix is the best thing to come of it. What are your thoughts on the album and their future in general?

BP: Those dudes are fantastic producers. Listen to the songs from the album on a big system at a club and the whole thing will make sense to you. They made an album to reflect their sound, and they did a great job of it. And trust, these dudes will be around for a while.

AwB: What was going through your mind when you made that MSTRKRFT remix?

BP:Well, the rule of thumb for a remix is to make it your own, but do your damnedest to blow the original out of the water. It rarely happens, but when it does, man oh man. I was very very happy with the outcome.

It Ain't Love (Bird Peterson Remix / JFK Edit) - MSTRKRFT

Third time this song has been featured...

AwB: What is your favorite thing that you’ve made (the most satisfying, the hardest, the best…)?

BP: It's a tie between my remix of Hyperactive by Malente and Dexter, and my original Big Weapons Anthem.

Hyperactive (Bird Peterson Remix) - Malente & Dex
The only new song of his we have to post, actually.

Big Weapons Anthem (Keep It Off) - Bird Peterson

AwB: You happen to be form Texas, and the only DJ/producer from Austin that I’m aware of is Wolfgang Garter, and this blog is certainly a big fan of his. Are there other artists from your home state that you think people should check out?

BP: Literally every rapper from Houston, Melody Murder, Vega, Praddaman, Mugsy Flows, Problem Child, Big Face, and a shit load of others.

(We actually posted a Vega track as a bonus a little back, you can cop it HERE)

AwB: A lot of people view electronic dance music in a very negative light, saying that it all sounds the same, requires less talent to create, and encourages drug culture. How would you respond to these people?

BP: I'm too busy encouraging drug culture to respond.

AwB: Anything else we should expect from Bird Peterson in the near future?

BP: Lots and lots! Get ready!

AwB: If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing right now?

BP: Finishing my historical novel about the discovery of sugar in the sugar mines of New Mexico.

AwB: Who should we interview next?

BP: The Bulgarian! That dude is MURDERING IT!

AwB: Parting question: Excited for Electric Daisy Carnival? Because we sure as hell are. Thank you very much for your time, we can’t wait to see your performance.

BP: Oh hell yes, Fatboy Slim, Major Lazer, Fake Blood, Hype and Andy C! WOOO!

Well there you have it, one of the big up and comers in the electro scene happens to also be a historical novelist and enjoys a good Mountain Dew (Mountain Brew?). I wonder if we can pirate that book too? Also, once again, if you happened to miss our first post on him, you should go HERE and grab his tracks. Also, during the process of this interview, I found that Bird Peterson has the same management as Mstrkrft, Felix Cartal, and The Bloody Beetroots, and that can only mean one thing: Bird Peterson is a member of Dim Mak.


  1. Dim Mak is awesome, but Undocumented Management is behind all these musical geniuses, and you can bet it's a force to be reckoned with.

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  3. Sorry, that was my account above.
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