22 May 2009

Daft Punk Likes Trance?

A while ago while reading the DJ Mag top 100 poll, I noticed that they had quoted Daft Punk as saying that These Shoulders by Signalrunners Featuring Julie Thompson (Anjunabeats) was their favorite track of 2008. I don't know if you happened to be familiar with Anjunabeats, but that's the label owned by Trance gods Above & Beyond, so it came as quite a shock that our French heroes would name a Trance track as the best of the year. I had downloaded the track, forgotten about it, and everything related to it until recently when I stumbled upon it again. I went to go check out the DJ Mag's website again and also noticed that they listed Daft Punk's style as "Progressive electro-edged trance," and knew that this must be a mistake. Turns out Lange, who was voted one higher than them (Blasphemy!), had the same description and favorite track. Well, having listened to the track, I think its good enough to share, since its actually got an awesome electro.


These Shoulders (Paul Wicked Remix) -
Signalrunners Featuring Julie Thompson
This remix was on the CD, and its better than the original. Paul Wicked does a great job of taking this pretty trancey song and working towards making it more Electro House. I'll have to look into him more.

These Shoulders (Original Mix) - Signalrunners Featuring Julie Thompson

These Shoulders (Club Mix) - Signalrunners Featuring Julie Thompson

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