17 May 2009

Big Bird Peterson

Bird Peterson is an electro DJ/producer from Austin Texas that has gained an impressive amount of popularity in a very short amount of time, mostly due to his remix of MSTRKRFT that was good enough to inspire JFK to edit it himself. Mstrkrft has even been brining him on tour with them as an opener. I'm a big fan of his tracks, he's really developed his own style/sound that is somewhere inbetween electro and fidget and has got some track that even have awesome funky house samples or are just plain dubstep. However, due to his closeness to Mstrkrft and the fact that he just released a remix of Felix Cartal, I fear that Beelzebub Aoki is drawing him into Dim Mak, which might mean the end of his awesome productions (although Felix Cartal has managed to stay on top of his shit, bravo, grab one of his recent tracks HERE). Can't wait to see this guy at EDC.


It Ain't Love (Bird Peterson Remix / JFK Edit) - MSTRKRFT

His most famous and most awesome track. As I've said before, the only good thing to come from Fist Of God.

Skeletons (Bird Peterson Remix) - Felix Cartal
Amazing buildup near the end.

The Essence - Bird Peterson
Crazy buildup as well.

Holy Ghost In The Club (Bird Peterson Remix) - Claire Hux
There's one sound in this that reminds me of Wolfgang Gartner, also from Texas. God, I love Wolfgang Gartner, and I just found out that he's playing just outside of LA this summer (*drool).

Keep It Hood (Bird Peterson Remix) - Project Pat
This would go over really well live for sure, great bass and a rap.

Shooked - Bird Peterson
Really cool sounds, big fidget/dubstep influence here.

Pete Goes Off - Bird Peterson
Big house influence.

Zutopong - Bird Peterson
This one is dubstep at double time. Would be a great track to throw into a dubstep set to change things up a bit. And he uses some sounds that are straight from Jack Beats.

Big Weapon Anthem (Keep It Off) - Bird Peterson
More house influence.

Thriller (Bird Peterson Remix) - Michael Jackson
Yes, he remixed Thriller. Although if I wanted to play a remix of Thriller, this would not be it. I'd pick Louis La Roche or Laidback Luke, depending on the set.

Oh, and here's EXACTLY why I hate Steve Aoki:

Man hearing those speakers in the Sahara Tent at Coachella makes me wish I was able to go this year. So sad. But this summer has plenty of acts that its fine.


  1. Herve's remix of Thriller is still the coolest IMO

  2. I don't understand it.
    Do you think Steve Aoki ruined Warp on Coachella?

  3. It was the Bloody Beetroots show, but Aoki must be the rockstar and dance around in front of them / stage dive / scream into a mic. Aoki even had his own set before BBR.

  4. You sure got a point.
    I just catched up with y'blog. You guys really got some nice opinions about the latest changes.
    I saw BBR and Steve Aoki in belgium couple a months ago. Steve Aoki was as (always?) screaming at every song with a guitar.
    Nice party tough.