11 May 2009

Back To The Future [WRM 006]

Back To The Future is one of the releases by Raw Man in 2003 on his label We Rock Music, an awesome French House label that did not put out nearly enough records (8). Raw Man is one half of The Buffalo Bunch, one of the greatest French House duo's to date, and the other half is Paul De Honem-Christo aka Play Paul aka Guy Manuel of Daft Punk's brother. Here's one of the most beautiful house records you'll ever hear. Synthy awesomeness with incredible disco baselines. Gotta love Space Disco. And you definitely gotta appreciate the roots of what you listen to: this is a lot like what Fred Falke is producing now. And cheers to Solid Goldberger, who put up so many discographies of french house labels and is definitely the best source of the genre, got most of my collection from him.

Europa - Raw Man
One of my favorite house tracks. Godly.

Across The Universe - Raw Man
The bass kills.

No Reasons - VEGA
Props to Myles from Audible Musings for sending this my way. AWESOME, and definitely fits in with this post.

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