11 May 2009

The Buffalo Bunch

The Buffalo Bunch is an awesome French House from the early 2000's duo composed of Raw Man and Play Paul. These guys are my favorite French House producers second to Daft Punk. Their music is incredibly fun, light-hearted, and have the best disco basslines. It's hard to be listening to these guys without a smile and a foot tap or a head nod. These guys know how to construct a house track.

Freakin' You (Buffalo Bunch Remix) - Jungle Brothers
"When I get to your place I wanna turn up the highs and turn up the bass." If you know the original, you'll be amazed.

"If I Ever Feel Better, I'll Go to the Disco" (Said The Buffalo Bunch) - Phoenix
Awesome disco track, and especially relevant with the big Phoenix buzz due to their new, awesome album. Grab it HERE.

Close Your Eyes (Buffalo Bunch / We In Music Remix) - Bebel Gilberto

Baby making music: latin style.

Chillin' Con Carne (Por Favor Mix by We in Music vs. The Buffalo Bunch) - Modjo
Classic French House sound. Great example of the genre.

Taking It To The Streets - The Buffalo Bunch
(Also known as T.I.T.T.S.)
God I love this sample What a fucking cool song. Cool like in the traditional sense of the word, not like the "oh look at my trendy ass leather jacket and moustache" way. You know who you are.

Music Box - The Buffalo Bunch

Buffalo Club - The Buffalo Bunch
Buffalo Beats - The Buffalo Bunch
The only release on Thomas Bangalter's label, Scratché. Like really, the label only released THIS vinyl.

We Don't Care (Buffalo Bunch Night Train Mix) - Audio Bullys
This track is not typical of their style at all. It's really hardcore and ravey.

Now That Love Has Gone (The Buffalo Bunch Cryin' in the Dark Mix) - We In Music
Really really really really really poppy. Like uber-pop.

Foxxy (The Buffalo Bunch Remix) - Cassius
This is the only track I have of theirs that I'm not crazy about. It might be because I'm crazy about the the original Cassius track, but I just feel like it doesn't stand up to their other work. Maybe you will feel differently.

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