18 March 2010

I'm Back

Had a mad weekend.... How mad? These tunes will tell you how mad.

Dirtyyyy Banana (320kbps) If music could fuck.... I'd say this one does it pretty well.

Boom Boom Pow (Sebon Remix) - Black Eye Peas (320 kbps) BOOM BOOM POW!

Superfuzz - St Beethoven New Banana (320 kbps) Heavy SebastiAn and Toxic Avenger influences.

And to finish off a lil bonus or rather big...
Just Bleep Me (Satisfaction) - Dada Life Platinum Banana (320 kbps) Dada Life does it again.

I'm Simple P

Dance Hard Party Harder


  1. yo, this simple P knows how to BANG
    keep rockin brotha

  2. AGREED.

    no more of this pussy-ass David Guetta shit

  3. that's a shame if you don't like pop/house music. But you can't deny he made a track that everybody knows and it gets dance floors poppin, and that's all that really matters in this business.

  4. It all really comes down to analyzing the crowd in my opinion.... But Bastille is also right I can't get enough of "Memories" lol