17 March 2010

Opening for Designer Drugs

So M and I are about to open for designer drugs on friday when they cum to Oberlin, yo we gonna kill it, they gonna be wonderin what happened when the whirlwind flies by and their house ain't there anymore. But let's give these guys some cred they got some good shit under their belt and they've survived for quite some time. Show you teeth, show 7 dollars Oberlin students and come to the sco at 11. Gonna be Tight.
Feel the air underneath your wings and fly away?


Anthonio (Designer Drugs Remix) by Annie, (Golden Banana) Incredible, been listening to this for 2 weeks now almost none stop. Can't get tired of it. Also check out the original, and go read the lyrics I love em. So sexy.

Zombies (Original Mix) by Designer Drugs, Definitely their hardest hittin song at least out of the shit I gots. This defines them well.

Spit it out (Designer Drugs Remix) by IAMX, oldie but goldie.

Designer Drugs (Designer Drugs Remix) by Fake Shark Real Zombie, Used to be my favorite Designer drugs song.

I've just started listening to these and am coming to like them:

Switchblade (Designer Drugs Remix) by Heartsrevolution

Toxic Is Dead (Designer Drugs Remix) by The Toxic Avenger, not the best remix of this but pretty good.

32 Songs uploaded individual list.

Designer Drugs Zip

P.S. Electro Sex is the best sex. Right after Prog Sex, that should be a new category of music "prog sex music"

Keepin it Fresh

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  1. Hey guys!

    I blogged about the concert last night, check it out...


    Thanks for bringing dirty underground dance music to the 'Sco -- it's a rare treat!