18 September 2010

Chew Your Face Off

Everyone hates on Trance.  And rightfully so.  It does suck.  That said, it's also quite awesome.  If you're gonna be a DJ, you should appreciate the other stuff that's out there, as well as the shit that's come before.  This post is dedicated to some Old School Trance, and not that pretty shit, but the kind that made kids everywhere grind their teeth together until they went home and had to explain to their parents why they were missing a tooth.


Shutterspeed - Pavo & Zany
Hardstyle.  So intense.  Fuck.

Blood Is Pumping (Club Mix) - Voodoo & Serano
Sorry for the shitty quality, but this is such a classic.  Makes me think of vampires.

The Vulcan - Commander Tom
Some REALLY old school shit, all the way back to 1994.

(X-Ray) Follow Me (Live Version) - Space Frog
If you can get over the cheese factor, its pretty awesome.

King Of The Beats - Mindcontroller
More Hardstyle.  I feel like I'm marching towards the apocalypse.

Big Fat Bass - Pavo & Zany
Yeah, I definitely laugh too when I listen to this.

(X-Ray) Follow Me (Vocal Version) - Space Frog
It's impossible to get over the cheese on this one.

High Voltage - High Voltage
AC/DC already happened

Ayla 2010 (Jerome Isma-Ae v2) - Ayla
Some modern Trance, but this is the pretty shit not the grind your teeth shit.  More the put your arms in the air and sway.

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