23 September 2010

Cid Highwind

+20 Bastille Love and Admiration points for whoever can tell me the conflict between this character and his wife.


Miami 2 Ibiza (Instrumental) - Swedish House Mafia
Their follow up to ONE.  Festival Progressive House.

Say My Name (Original Mix) - Porter Robinson (Golden Banana)
HUGE Electro House track from a new name to the game.  You can check an interview on Gotta Dace Dirty HERE.

gLAdiator Music - gLAdiator
Our boys from LA putting out their first release.  Check out their FACEBOOK for some more remixes and edits.  Electro House.

Work This Pussy (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix) - Dani L Mebius & Billy The Kit
It's kinda like Proxy's Raven, but bigger.  Electro House.

Hits Are For Kids (Original Mix) - Adam K
That super awesome major third sound that's just so fuckin ravey.  Electro House.

Slipstream (Original Mix) - ZXX, Paul Anthony, Dirty Politics
Crazy ass Electro House.  This would be a fun track to play live.

Alright 2010 feat. Hardwell (Original Mix) - Red Carpet, Hardwell
And a Tech track to end from one of the best.

Cid's Theme from Final Fantasy VII
Great for "Guess That Video Game Song" which is something I do usually while setting up a gig.


  1. it should be 200 admiration points *cough cough* Cid had to abort the rocket launch because his wife was on the fuel tank thingy... YES I AM THAT Much of a FFVII fan :D

  2. Well, she was not his wife at that time...

  3. Polaris, you got me beat. I'll give you +100 for that. Good job.