20 September 2010

Fox McCloud

Star Fox, I salute you.  Though I must admit, I was a bigger fan of you back in the days you were pixelated.


Puss Puss (Original Mix) - Style Of Eye (Golden Banana)
Ravey awesomeness.  Tech House at it's best.  I guess not every Swede makes that gay prog shit.

Make My Heart (Avicii's Replacer Remix) - Toni Braxton
Speaking of that Swedish gay prog shit...

Singapore Swing (Original Mix) - Shinichi Osawa & Paul Chambers
More Electro Techno for you.  This will be played out by Erol and 2manydjs and the like.

Puss Puss (Noob Remix) - Stlye Of Eye
I think I prefer the original, but for people who like Noob's style more I'm sure you'll get more into this.  Still, I do love this one.

Pump Up The Jam (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Crowd Is Jumping Mix) - Technotronic
I just totally picture everyone jumping at once at a massive rave when this is dropped.  This could be powerful as hell in the right crowd.  House.

I Will Be Here (Michael Witness Summer Mix) - Tiesto Feat. Syntheticsax
This might well be the worst House song I've ever heard.  Elevator House.  I just had to share it.  And I know all the people that just download the zip are gonna be so pissed when they hear it without reading this description.  But what the genius Michael Witness here has done is replace the great vocals of this song with a saxophone.

To cancel out the horribleness, and then some.


  1. fuck...that last track is literally a smooth jazz cover of Gartner's remix, it even copies the synth riff and the form for the most part...I need to go clean my ears with that delightful Technotronic remix

  2. fox
    you are the best nintendo character
    may you live long in aouer harts and minds.
    but you have 1 last job.
    so get back to Corneria and meat me at peppers ofices.
    ill be there.
    p.s you need your arwing.