02 June 2009

The Godfathers (Updated)

Daft Punk saved House music. Back during a time when House music was dying due to lack of innovation, these French blokes, along with other Frenchmen like Etienne De Crecy and Alex Gopher, took House in a completely new direction, using cooler, funkier samples, and FILTERS. This is why French House is also commonly referred to as Filter House. I know that everyone's got all the Daft Punk albums (if you don't you should really get on that shit), but I got a request from a faithful lil' reader (he's in middle school I think, mad props for liking House music at that age) for rare Daft Punk tracks. So, here are Daft Punk's remixes, along with their first ever vinyl release:


Apparently all the links are down, so here's a giant zip with all of the tracks.  Sorry, but I'm just too lazy to individually replace them.  A few other tracks in there that I didn't include originally.

The Godfathers ZIPPED

Indo Silver Club (Part One) - Daft Punk
Apparently, the Indo Silver Club that appears on Homework is part 2. Cheers Too Many Sebastians!

Mothership Reconnection (Daft Punk Remix) - Scott Grooves

Man is this remix awesome. It's really the shit. I wrote all about it in depth in the Nostalgia Post.

Disco Cubizm (Daft Punk Remix) - I:cube
This is a PERFECT SHINING EXAMPLE of French House. It's funky, cool, uses filters, housey. You could easily picture a frenchman lounging about smoking a cigarette and drinking some fine wine to this.

Life is Sweet (Daft Punk Remix) - The Chemical Brothers
One of their earlier tracks, really awesome. Might be too repetitive for some of you out there, but I get really into this one.

Aerodynamic (Daft Punk Remix) - Daft Punk
This one was on Daft Club, which may or may not be a good album, I haven't really decided yet. This has the ever so awesome mashup of One More Time and Aerodynamic. They MUST have made those songs to work together, they're the same fucking tempo.

Chord Memory [Daft Punk Remix] - Ian Pooley
Super awesome disco bass. Another good example of French House.

Forget About the World [Daft Punk Remix] - Gabrielle
Their only remix that they included in their Alive 2007 masterpiece. It has a FANTASTIC drum breakdown a little after 3 mins.

Kiss (Daft Punk Remix) - Prince
This does not sound like their other remixes at all, much more electro, but its good. I used to think it was a fake until I saw the Discogs entry confirming it (LINK).

Get Funky Get Down (Daft Punk Remix) - Micronauts
This sounds completely different from all of their other tracks, and you'd think it was fake until you hear their frist vinyl release thats coming up in this post. Fast tempo, really minimal, and super repetitive. Really hardcore too. They hadn't really found their sound yet.

Take Me Out (Daft Punk Remix) - Franz Ferdinand

The ONLY, and I really mean ONLY, track by Daft Punk that dissapoints me. I don't get it. It's definitely real too, that same Discogs entry confirms it. They just added some distortion to the original. This track is the biggest mystery to me.

And now for their first ever release:

This is definitely before they found their sound. The New Wave is the track that would eventually become Alive on Homework. A lot like their remix of Micronauts, but not as interesting. Assault is more interesting in my opinion. Also includes Alive as the final mix of The New Wave. Most of you will not like this record, and I can't really say that I love it either, but its really cool to see what Daft Punk made before they become, you know, DAFT PUNK.

Technologic (Le Knight Club Remix) - Daft Punk
Le Knight Club, for those of you who don't know, is composed of Guy Manuel (of Daft Punk) and Eric Chedeville and is one of the most respected French House groups around. They also created the label Crydamoure, arguably the most important French House label. This track doesn't really show off their skill, but this post IS about rare / less known Daft Punk, so yeah. However, DO expect more posts on them when I'm feeling throwbacky, along with some Thomas Bangalter posts. God I love French House.

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