01 June 2009

Marvin from the universe

I got this stuff by Marvin a while back from TooManySebastians, and it kind fell through the cracks unintentionally. But today I noticed it in my library and decided to give it a shot. Boy was I surprised. Really cool stuff, with what I would even call in some ways almost a Justice like sound (Marvin's making more of a Justice sound then Justice themselves). I would head over to TooManySebastians post and get the two songs posted. Unfortunately Nihilism is not up in that post (you can hear it on the myspace), and I would definitely love to have that song. "Babylon Part 1" is cool but it takes quite a long time to really drop, and then it turns into a sort of waters of nazareth type thing, that part's an A+. "Fuck off yeah" is cool, but not like anything amazing, I don't expect to listen to it again, and it's the ultimate party killer if you played it live. I dare anybody to do it, film it and let me know.

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