01 June 2009

Mother Fucker's Gonna Drop The Pressure

Everyone knows this song, Mylo earned himself a place in electronic music history with this sucker. Here are some fantastic remixes/edits to drop in your sets and make the crowd go nuts or just simply enjoy to yourself, I suppose.


Drop The Pressure (Laidback Luke Bootleg) - Mylo (Removed)
Laidback Luke is a house genius. He truly understands the meaning of buildup and drop, this track especially being no exception. Go HERE for more of his awesome bootlegs.

Drop The Pressure (Rex The Dog Remix) - Mylo
The bravest remix of the bunch, actually ventures to stray a bit from the original and play with the line and stuff and add in all sorts of crazy synths. Expect a Rex The Dog post eventually...

Drop The Pressure (Erol Alkan's Extended Re-Edit) - Mylo

Epicly long edit that apparently gets a lot of play from bigger than big DJs everywhere, including Sasha. It's definitely a good track, but not my personal choice to play, but I guess the point is that an over 9 minute track will definitely Keep Kids Dancing for a while.

Drop the Pressure 2009 (Electro Bass Mix) - Mylo

Not sure if this is Mylo or someone else reworking the track, but it packs a punch, if the title didn't already imply that enough. Cheers to Fake Tattoos for this track, even if they posted it ages ago.

Knock On Wood - Amii Stewart
For shits and giggles


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  3. laidback luke one might be my favorite, most bumpin I would say

    (pardon my two deleted posts, I made dumb, non-thinking comments)

  4. It's funny because I get emailed the comments anyways to I can still see what you wrote. Is there a Jack Beats remix, because if so I fuckin want it.

  5. Oh, wait, yeah. Different song...