31 May 2009

Albin Myers

I promised to do a post on Albin Myers, so here it is. Albin Myers is an electro house prodcuer from Sweden on Joia Records (which has seen releases by such giants as Axwell and John Dahlback) with some minimal aspects to him (kinda like Dahlback). That alone should be enough to prove this guy's worth. He's no stranger to the blogs, but he definitely deserves a post. I'll post some favorites and my collection at the bottom.


Pangea Better Ways (Original Mix) by Albin Myers, This is actually the song which promted me to do this post. It's repetitive in a way that I really like.

Jacked (Original Mix) by Albin Myers, for some reason his music kinda reminds me of certain levels of Donkey Kong, but like souped to be awesome. Really catchy song.

Times Like These (Club Mix) by Albin Myers, taking that Foo Fighters song chorus and turning it into a house song, fantastic. Definitely been getting a lot of attention. Unfortunately, as I actually like the original song, it kinda makes me wanna hear the original. But it does have that cool sound from Burnin in a way.

Somewhere (Original Mix) by Albin Myers & Sandro Monte feat Abigail Bailey

Hustler Up (Albin Myers Remix) by John Dahlback Hell Yeah, makes complete sense for him to remix Dahlback

Intensity (Albin Myers Remix) by Per QX

Flash in the night (Albin Myers Remix) by The Attic, a very Wolfgang Gartner bass. Cool song though.

Most of my Collection

I'll be gone for the next few days, so expect M to keep people satisfied.


  1. He still probably gets more girls than you could dream of, Star Fox.


  2. Probably. But none of these links work either...