23 September 2009


Here at Apes With Barrels, we really enjoy going out and trying to find as much material by one specific artist at a time (hence the Popof post before this and basically every track by Mr. Gartner, though of course you should delete it all within 24 hours or go purchase it at some retailer like beatport...).

With this in mind, at this point in time I want to take a second and really ask if any of our readers have any requests for artists that maybe they have been looking for and can't find or want more of, and we'll definitely get on it and hopefully in the near future a post would pop up with the requested artist (this can be large amounts of their music or maybe an individual track). Though of course we make no promises because, though we consider ourselves relatively adept at finding music (though I'm sure we're not actually that good and that there are many places that we should look but can't even conceive in our minds), sometimes it's just practically impossible to find things. If this is the case we apologize in advance. We also hold the right to deny requests if we don't like the artist in question.

Lastly, requests don't have to be solely artists, we would also love to hear about what kind of stuff you'd like to see more of: minimal, techno, tech house, electro house, plain and simple electro, plain and simple house, disco house, mashups/bootlegs...

Remember Kids, play safe out there. We don't want any eyes getting poked out.

Stay from strange men like this:

-Apes With Barrels

Attention Whore (Lazy Rich Remix) by Deadmau5 & Melleefresh (By the way I accidentally put an extra "r" making it Melleerfresh in the artist in Itunes, but I don't feel like reuping with these horrible speeds at school, so I'm giving you guys a heads up).


  1. I'd love to get hold of more of "The Twelves" stuff, especially as individual tracks as opposed to snippets in mixes.

    Their "Skatterbrain" and "Boyfriend" rejiggles totally rock...

  2. I need that Justice EP that I don't have.

    And maybe more Beetroots?

  3. which justice EP?

    and here you go (this shouldn't include their new bullshit): http://apewithbarrels.blogspot.com/2009/05/i-miss-bloody-beetroots.html

  4. Heya, been looking for tracks by Peppe Le Funk and finding it quite difficult, would especially love the Ridney club mix of Le Funk Supernova (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehVWejQuuMY)

    Also any more funky french house (other than the huge amounts you've already posted) would be amazing.

  5. Bloody Beetroots link down!!!

    and that Justice EP we were talking about that came out after Cross, it as some french word I think