23 September 2009

New Vitalic

If you are paying attention to the Electro world, you are surely aware of the fact that Vitalic is back in action and gearing up for a new album release, called Flashmob. This is really really really exciting, as Vitalic is a God. I thought I'd share my favorite leaks as we all wait in anticipation.


Second Lives - Vitalic
Much more the Vitalic sound that I know and love. Pretty chord changes, pretty Euro sounding, and Epic. If you don't like this one one as much as his old stuff on the first go around, it surely will grow on you. I'm really hoping that he's gearing up for a world tour...

Terminator Benelux - Vitalic
Totally new sound for him, and I love it. What a ravey sound/line. And the drums are so cool.


Who Is It (Vitalic Remix) - Bjork
So classic. What an incredible remix. Definitely one of my favorite remixes ever made.


  1. Vitalic has been the best for as long as I can remember
    thanks for these tracks

  2. Meredith I didn't know you read our blog, that makes me happy :)