22 September 2009

If Boys Noize is King of Electro

Then Popof is King Minimal. It's simple math. Not to mention he just looks like such a bad ass, I can't believe we didn't really see him at Electric Daisy Carnival. With his crazy ass clicks, this Frenchman just doesn't disappoint. Just one song after another is amazing. I feel like if you've been reading this blog for long enough, that you'll realize how much we admire this man's work along with his similar artist, Noob (a Noob remix of Popof has been added in for fun, if you want more Noob go here). I have 26 Popof songs, now I'm almost 100% positive that M has quite a few that I don't have, so for your sake I hope he adds some. If you're into minimal then you must have already heard of Popof and have quite a bit of his work, I'm just hoping to maybe get those people out there who haven't heard of him/are looking for more, and for the veterans to maybe find a few new tracks.

Remember kids, don't do drugs.

Here's the master of white noise:


MotherFucking Bass (Popof Remix 1) by DJ Rush, If you don't already know this track, then you have to take this right now, and blast it as loud as you can. One of the most impressive tracks I've ever heard. Even before I liked minimal and Popof I liked this track. This should be liked by anybody who likes EDM.

Mr. Orange by Popof, This is probably my favorite Popof original, probably because this is the song that got me into Popof. But I mean, what a crazy ass song, I just love the bass in the song so much (even though all the Popof basses are really similar).

Alcoolic (Original Mix) by Popof, What interesting sounds, this shit would make me go crazy if I was rolling. Just like wondering what the fuck was going on with all those sounds.

Road Rage (Popof Remix) by John Starlight, This should be self explanatory.

All that Jazz (Popof Remix) by Lutzenkirchen, a new favorite, this one definitely just puts me in a trance. Even while I'm typing this I'm listening to it and just trancing out.

26 songs individually, and you should have every single one.

Here they are zipped.

I want to play a minimal set so bad.

M's Additions:

Hypnotical - Popof
My favorite of the ones I'm adding, so I'm putting it up here as well. Every Popof fan should have this track.

7 songs individually



  1. Audrey Napoleon played Motherfucking Bass at Danceism and I lost my shit, I didn't know what it was called until I just listened to it...THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH

  2. love motherfucking bass! I played it a lot and also the chomper lsd version :)