22 September 2009

Minimal Batch #2

It is true that Minimal is the new "IT" thing it seems. But for some reason only the more indie Minimal producers are being praised all over, rather than titans like Dubfire, which is a shame since some of those producers just flat out suck. Maybe it's because they feel like they need the promotion more, but I'm sorry I'll never like that track What Is Guru that so many people were raving about as brilliance. Well, enough bitching, here's Minimal Batch #2. Once again, these are not just Techno tracks necessarily, but rather tracks on the Minimal side that would do well in a rave set from names that I'm not necessarily familiar with.


Do You Want More ft. Danimal Kingdom (The Subs Remix) - The Aston Shuffle
This track RULES. This was on loop for a solid amount of time when I first got it. Crazy ass Tech House with all sorts of trippy sounds and effects.

Panzershreck (Original Mix) - PSEUDO-LICIOUS
Woah. Starts off sounding like a Hardcore track, then drops into a super Subby Techno bass, then surprises you with a GIANT Electro drop. This track is the definition of Minimal bomb, definitely has a great title too.

Amsterdam (Riptide Remix) - Jennifer Delano
Rave in a nutshell. Good Electro bass and crazy vocal loop.

Droplet - NROTB

I was so impressed when I first heard this track. The production quality is really top notch. This would definitely get a crowd going.

Ultraproof - Nikitin & Semikashev

Big Techno track with some Progressive.

Heyaah (Francis Preve Remix) - Josh Gabriel & Dave Seaman
You should recognize the remixer as the same man that collaborated with Wolfgang Gartner to make Yin, which was definitely one of the tracks of the year. If you don't have this track, you can grab it HERE. This track is ravey ass Techno.

Panzerfaust - Charles Gudagafva
Techno rules. This track drops a really catchy synth line about halfway through.

Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) (Angger Dimas Remix) - Freemasons feat Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Somewhat similar to a Dutch House track but less appealing to Hip-hop fans, as it's more Progressive and Techno-y.

Bigger Is Better (David West Remix) - Charles Gudagafva
Techno. I'm quite tired of describing tracks so I'm just gonna give a genre now.

June (Original Mix) - Denis Naidanow

Dark Flower (Joris Voorn Magnolia Mix) - Robert Babicz
This probably should have made the House list, but oh well. Great Prog track.

Crazy (Coton Tige) - Roman Azzaro feat. Patrick

Really trippy Techno.


  1. How you find the time, and the music, to post this much blows my mind. I'm really impressed.

  2. Jumpman (too lazy to log in)September 22, 2009 at 5:09 PM

    yo what is guru isn't so great admittedly, but pretty much everything else by renaissance man is good, yo dude lovin the minimal batches, kids here think this shits crazy

  3. Yeah, I'm just like rather pissed that the really good Minimal artists that I love aren't getting any blog love while Sound Pellegrino is like the coolest thing since Terminator 2, and it's just not THAT impressive compared to big Techy producers.

  4. you're right that sound of pellegrino i hyped stuff! some cool tracks, but not much more...