20 August 2009

Noob Pwns!

Noob is a Minimal Techno (definitely incorporates elements of House and Electro as well) producer from France. I love him. He's a lot like Popof but is really starting to come into his own style, he's not quite AS ravey. I think he's actually friends with Popof and his apprentice, I think I read that somewhere but please don't quote me. His releases keep getting better and better, thought it was time to feature him here. I'll always have such a soft spot for the Frenchies when it comes to this music.


Lyposuct (Noob Remix) - D.I.M. & TAI

I don't compare this to the original anymore because its so amazing and entirely different. This would DESTROY a rave.

Shoes (Noob Remix) - Tiga

Such an unbelievably cool track. What's that sound? I love that sound.

Petit Abricot - Noob

Very different form his other tracks, it's just plain beautiful. Not a dance track, though I suppose it could be a fantastic end to a set. It just really shows off his talent as a producer.

Noob Collection (All In One Zip)

Noob Collection (By Track)

Need Your Loving (Chris Keasar Remix) - Laidback Luke

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