20 October 2009

batch #4

Batch #4, let's get this done. That guy in the pictures just looks awesome, my role model for sure. PEACE PLAYAS.


ALL in 320:

Let's start out with this syntheticz EP:

I didn't like this EP at first, but it's really grown on me. I've come to really love this EP. I guess I would categorize this as Techno, but at the same time it's a lot more. It's got a very electro feel to it in some ways, but I guess I can't pinpoint why. It's not as dark as most other techno, it feels more weird then dark. I think it's the sound and the bass which is why that's the case.

Fujiza (Atomic Mix) by Syntheticz

Fujiza (Original Mix) by Syntheticz (My personal Favorite of the EP)

Mezon (Hands Mix) by Syntheticz

Ep Zipped into one.

Metalworld (Son of a Beat Remix) by Forza, incredible, just amazing. Techno at it's best. You gotta wait for the bass, it's fucking crazy. Catches me by surprise every time

Metalworld (Vazik remix) by Forza, not as good as the one above, but definitely worth getting.

Needles & Pins (Original Mix) by Meat Katie, I like it but nothing I would put in a mix.

El Cubo (Original Mix) by Dich, this is another one of those things that grew on me. But somehow kind of forgettable. But I thought I'd post it because it does have a certain je ne said quoi.

Now for some Electro House:

Ball (Original Mix) by Frederik Olufsen, Kills it.*Taken Down*

Ball (Lazy Rich Remix) by Frederik Olufsen, Lazy Rich has been busy, and it's really been paying off. Becoming one of the standards for Electro house. Sounds more Gartnerish then the above original Mix. Hard to decide which one I would play. This one might drop harder.

Devotion (Original Mix) by Bingo Players, you should already have and love this. But in case you don't have a 320

Devotion (Patric La Funk Remix) by Bingo Players, this guy has really been pulling out a lot of good stuff.

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  1. hi, i would just like to say that is blog is a fuckin bomb itself, thx for all that great tracks sharing with us! i get a boner every day... keep going that way, i love it !!!!!!!!! greetz from good old germany!