19 October 2009

Let Them Eat Mixtapes

We (aka Bastille) have started a project with our buddies over at The New Confusion called Let Them Eat Mixtapes, where we will run a mix series on their site. The site just recently launched and I highly advise all of you to go check it out, it's a great place for interesting perspectives, art, and ESPECIALLY Hip-hop (definitely where I go to learn about new artists that don't always subscribe to four-on-the-floor beats). However, in wanting to expand their musical boundaries, they decided to collaborate with us in this mixtape project. While we will definitely be putting our own mixes up there often, I'm asking friends (and all you readers) to help by sending us mixtapes that you want to be included. We're open to all genres, but please nothing longer than an hour, and send to apeswithbarrels@gmail.com. The first mixtape posted is our own Dub Sack mix, which is all Dubstep (you may have copped it when it was posted here a few weeks back). You can check out the series HERE, and I look forward to hearing your submissions.


BONUS (I wouldn't leave you without at least ONE jam):
Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South Remix) - Temper Traps
Been on loop for the past few days. It was buried in my downloads folder and I JUST got to it, and boy am I glad.