18 October 2009

Batch #3

Here's the third batch, let's do it. All 320.


7 days and one week remixes: the song 7 days and one week by B.B.E. has an awesome line in it that can really fit to so many types of music, so of course a bunch of awesome remixes came with it, don't miss these.

7 days and one week (Emalkay Remix) by B.B.E., awesome with that dubstepy bass with it. So cool, definitely good for a chiller laidback set.

7 days and one week (Joachim Garraud Remix) by B.B.E., Garraud throwing bangers at us left and right. Has that eerie line from the original with an awesome electro bass underneath

7 days and one week (Genji Yoshida Remix) by B.B.E. more of a minimally feel with a sort of electro bass, not the best of them, but definitely really cool

7 days and one week (Armin Prayd Remix) by B.B.E. has that prog feel.

This Marcus Shossow EP is incredible in case you didn't get these two aleady:

Tequila (Original Mix) by Marcus Shossow, kinda sounds Laidback Lukish/Swedish House Mafia in a way. Really cool with that latin guitar during the breaks.

Space (Original Mix) by Marcus Shossow, one of my favorite songs that I've found in the past week. Tech at it's best, kinda with that Dubfire feel to it.

Charge (Ivan D Remix) by Alan T & Alex Poxada, Tech tech tech tech tech

I Want You (Bastian Van Shield Remix) by Spencer and Hill, I can't remember if I had this and just recently refound it, but this is awesome. Just an incredible take on the original song which is also great. Highly Highly Highly Recommended.

Disco Of Doom EP War Pig is just incredible.

War Pig (Original Mix) by Disco of Doom, kinda has that electro bass Petits Pilous feel but with a more tech aspect to it. More minimal and awesome

Spawn Again (Original Mix) by Disco of Doom, it speaks for itself.


  1. jujubee, that better be a picture of the synth you're programming

  2. nope, that's MAX, I'm using super collider, so that would just be basic code. It wouldn't look as cool, but I have a better grasp of it, and I like to think it's more powerful