17 October 2009

Bingo Players

Keeping up with our Minimal streak, let's do some Dutch House. Dutch House rules. Bingo Players are definitely in the running for the top producers coming out of Holland, at least in my book. Shit's Mimimal, Ravey, Dancey, and hits incredibly hard. This one's a rather large collection, so for those crazy people like me that actually DO download the zips, enjoy sifting through these ;)


Muzik (Bingo Players Remix) - Villanord
One of the greatest drops in all of House music, and I truly stand by that claim. Awesome tribal feel to this one.

Disco Electrique (Vocal Mix) - Chocolate Puma & Bingo Players
SUCH A COOL BASS SOUND. And the vocals are catchy. Chocolate Puma are another Dutch outfit worth checking out (which you can conveniently do HERE).

Lapdance (Bingo Players Bootleg) - N.E.R.D.
Just really really awesome. Great vocal samples and beat.

Special (Bingo Players Remix) - Sir James
I feel like this would make a Rave crowd go crazy.

Bingo Players Collection
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  1. my favorite one:

    Suzanne Vega - Tom's Dinner (Bingo Players Bootleg Mix)