21 October 2009

Style Of Eye Remixes

I've been meaning to post about this dude for a while now. His name's Style Of Eye (such an awesome name) and he's definitely one of the top Tech House producers around. Super Ravey, super Minimal, never boring. Dude's got a lot of material, so this post will only feature his remixes. Maybe I'll post his originals later, but I highly recommend that everyone go find his album (and if you find it in good quality please let me know, the one I've got is shit).


Mars (Style of Eye's Tool For School Remix) - Fake Blood
This is exploding on blogs everywhere right now, and got me excited about this post. He took Fake Blood's unforgettable banger and translated it into something PERFECT for a massive sound system and Rave crowd. What a remix.

Remedy (Style of Eye Remix) - Little Boots
Holy shit, this track is NUTS.

Heartbeats (Style of Eye Remix) - The Knife
Pretty old track (2004), way more Housey than his newer stuff. I really like this one.

Leave (Style Of Eye Vocal Remix) - V. V. Brown
Another fucking nuts track.

Way of Love (Style of Eye Remix) - Tocadisco Feat. Vangosh
I feel like J will love this one. Super crisp production.

Style Of Eye Remixes Collection
By Track // Zipped

I Won't Kneel (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) - Groove Armada
I can't believe people still pays these guys for remixes. They're done.

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