22 October 2009

PH Electro Madness!

PH Electro is rather mysterious, since he doesn't have a myspace and his discogs page doesn't tell me where he's from. If I had to guess, he's German, since he sounds a LOT like Klaas. His tracks are super structured, cheesy, and generally similar sounding. However, they're all AWESOME in that way. Really great tracks to just get people at a party pumped and happy. Enjoy!

Update: His name is Paul Hutch, and he is in fact a Kraut. Apparently he makes trance, I guess this is his Electro House pseudonym. Thanks Anonymous.


After the Love (PH Electro Remix) - R.I.O.
Definitely my favorite of his tracks, you can't not just smile your ass off to this one. The highlight is the "YES!" right before the last drop, you'll hear it.

Evacuate The Dancefloor (PH Electro Mix) - Cascada
Cascada is a German Goddess, no?

Alive (PH Electro Remix) - Mondotek
Super Cheese.

And who could forget this video J posted a while back with the Mondotek Remix:

PH Electro Collection (Tiny)
By Track // Zipped


  1. PH Electro = Paul Hutsch.

  2. this is just hilarious