23 October 2009

Batch #5

I don't understand this comic, it's not funny and in fact as I run an EDM blog I'm kind of offended. I don't know why I put it as the pictures for this batch, but for some reason even though the comic is completely off, it feel right to have it as the picture.

Shadow Dancer tonight.

Batch #5 all 320


Do They Know (Tech Room Minimal Mix) by Dj Alex F, I definitely enjoyed this one. Cool eerie voice saying saying a kind of cool line "you're here because you listen." Good Job with this one.

Control (Dimaro Remix) by DNM & Dimaro, this song is in some ways one of the strangest songs made. Like the beginning and what I guess I could call the main line kinda of sounds like Hardwell to me. And it has that really cool high synth line. However, the middle trance section (and it's like that REALLY triumphant shit which makes your friends laugh at you) and drop back into the minimal from it just doesn't really make too much sense in my mind. But it's actually not bad, kinda cool.

Control (Dimitri Vegas & Like-Mike Re-edit) by DNM & Dimaro, The electro house version of the song. Pretty good, doesn't have that cool line from the Dimaro but good for a bangers set. The buildup makes more sense in this song then it does in the Dimaro version. In some ways that makes this a more fluid song.

Believe by Prodigious, Great love that line

Shake This Town Up (The Bulgarian tastes like Feta Mix) by Anarchy Rice, first of all when this goes into your itunes or whatever you use the name's going to be wrong. I didn't notice the name was weird until I started posting it. Oops, oh well. Really cool song, not as traditional electro I feel for some reason.

Lazy Rich EP:

Disco Ballistic (Original Mix) by Lazy Rich, Super cool line. Good sounds, what more could you ask from electro House.

Funkjet (Original Mix) by Lazy Rich, This song is great but for some reason I feel like the sidechaining on it might turn out weird on big speakers. In my car it was sidechaning too much and the bass was kind of being drown out by the kick. I should take another listen. But otherwise a really well done. Highly Recommend.

Bonuses in case you want, pretty good I gotta say:

Taipei Pocok Salata (Dub Mix) by Soliquid

Taipei Pocok Salata (Jason Taylor Remix) by Soliquid

Everything Zipped into one.

Have a great weekend.

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