24 October 2009

Inbox Gems

This is the kind of father J hopes to be one day.

Just thought Id take a quick pause from normal programming to bring you some great tracks that were submitted to us recently. Go Team!


Pure Disco Shit - DJ Jonathan Potts

Big Deadmau5 influence in this one, awesome Electro House jam with big elements of Tech. He's from the US, and according to his bio is the youngest DJ to have been ranked in the DJ Top 100 list. I left his links in the album part of the track if you want to find out more about him.

Fly Life (Jeremy Word Remix) - Basement Jaxx
Cool Electro House jams, a lot going on in this one with the sounds. Don't really have any info on him, but I gots this video:

You can buy the track in that oh so delicious video HERE.

Also, gonna give a big shout out to Awkward Family Photos. Ending up on that site means that you've lost at life.

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  1. http://www.sexypeople-blog.com/

    ^some good awkward pics