31 March 2009

Stingy Rich

Lazy Rich is a fantastic Electro House producer from Vancouver and friend of Miles Dyson, which should tell you everything you need to know about his style of music.  If you happen to be unfamiliar with either of these names, they both make incredibly hard hitting Electro House which is great because their tracks works great for lots of situations and fit into electro sets for your hipster, liberal arts college crowd as well as house sets for your massive candy raver crowd.  I posted tracks by both of them in this post in case you missed it, along with an Electro House anthem by Sharooz.  Unfortunately, Lazy Rich is not a big fan of giving away free music, even for low quality; however, I managed to find these few tracks in random places and they're all great quality.  Also, you can read a great interview of him HERE.

P.S.  Apes With Barrels is proud to announce that we will soon be featuring an interview with an artist that we have posted about on this very blog.  I am also proud to announce that I will be working with this artist to book them a show at Wesleyan.  Get pumped!



  1. STINGY??? My tracks cost about two dollars each, and each one only sells a couple of hundred copies - I make less than minimum wage for writing tracks.

    Just search for "Lazy Rich zippyshare" if you really want some for free, otherwise checkout beatport.com and help support the industry .

    Cheers for the support tho :-)

    Lazy Rich