01 April 2009

Cascada Is The Goddess Of Dance

I find myself again and again returning to the awesome tracks of Cascada, the pinnacle of the German dance scene (step aside, Boys Noize, real men only). Each and every song off this album is packed full with character and depth as great as the songs are unique. But the album's best song is, of course, Everytime We Touch. If ever I listen to the song, I have to listen to it at least 3 times in a row before I can move on to any other song, even when I'm DJing sets, and the crowd always goes crazier each time it's played. Every track is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, so be sure to grab this one. But I'll bet that you already have it, but it's worth grabbing this one because it's at a whopping 192 kbps (I never heard these songs sound so crisp) as well as original music videos! By the way, my birthday is in 6 days, and I would love nothing more than this album on vinyl, so keep that in mind readers, I really couldn't have enough of them.


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