21 March 2009


Glad I stumbled upon this, because the one genre I really really really want more of is hard hitting Electro House. Sharooz is just that. He comes from London (it seems the UK is doing quite well for itself now). Here's his track Get Off with some remixes, including one from Miles Dyson, a name that's synonymous with hard hitting Electro House. The other remixes are definitely worth your time as well. The Superstrobe is minimal/chipy/ravey and the Lazy Rich is more housey with a cool electro bassline that comes in, something I could actually see someone like Laidback Luke dropping if he was in an electro mood. Every song is perfect for live play, just depends on your set which one you'd pick. I'd probably go with the Original or the Lazy Rich one as its probably the most accessible.

And catch an interview with Lazy Rich HERE, where he even talk about Aoki and the hipster movement.

Also, I was talking to one of Jordan's friend's from NYU that produces, I'll do a post on his stuff when I get more of it, and he recommended this book called The Dance Music Manual. Sounds like the perfect summer reading and reference book.

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