20 March 2009

Steve Aoki Wishes He Was A Bloody Beetroot

So he brought them into his record label and collaborates, tours, gets fucked by, etc. them.  Here's their latest collaboration, got it from Lafriendly.  It's not what'd you expect, like, at all.  Sounds like a rock band and very uptempo.
Man, The Bloody Beetroots were so much more awesome pre Dim Mak.  Hopefully Warp will be cool once we get the whole song.  They need to stop touring/partying/being hipsters for a month or two and just sit in a studio.  Their remix of Mind Dimension was total bullshit.  And I'm also proud to say there's finally a wikipedia article on them.

Warp is out, and it's not that cool.  And the video sucks.  Above statements still hold.


  1. yeah, that mind dimension remix sounded lazy as fuck,
    and i thought i liked steve aoki after lovefest, but shit,
    he just turns everything to like hipster-trash (prove me wrong steve)
    bloody beetroots is falling i think,
    and mstrkrft is totally disgraced

  2. the end to that remix sounds like ring around the rosey...

  3. on the other hand good day for music, new surkin, new Mehdi, new beetroots(even though it wasn't that coo), and new breakbot