29 November 2009

Some Loops for Christmas

Well it's almost Christmas time, so I've decided to give everybody a gift. In my time producing there have been many occasions where I have just decided to go on a hunt for sample packs and listen through all of them in the search mostly for percussion and interesting fx. I think I've done this at least 10 times, and to date I think I've only used one of my searches in my actual production (some refills that I will post in the next post). Well this time is really no different then any other, but yesterday I decided to go on a hunt for some sample packs created by the "award winning" Loopmasters. I've decided to share the wealth of what I've found, in case you may need it or want it. Most likely I won't end up using any of this.

Now I really only look through these things for individual hits. So though I've uploaded 4 sample packs (or it might be 3 with one split in two), I've taken out all the loops that come with it. I don't need loopmasters to write a bass line for drum beat for me. I'll figure that out on my own, and if it's not good then oh well, at least it was mine. So bare in mind when taking these that there are (or should be) no predone loops. If you want predone loops, go buy the packs or you can simply go to most torrent sites and find these anyways. They are not hard to find really, but I guess I'm saving you the trouble.

If anybody does go through the trouble of going through these as I have, I would love to hear your input on what your favorite wavs were.


P.S. I'm doing this post in the airport which now has free wifi? Hell yes.

Electro House Part 1 5 MB & Part 2 120 MB

Deep Trance and Techno

Afro Latin 270MB

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  1. thank you for these packs :)
    The link on afro latin says file unawaible.