30 July 2010

My Name is Skrillex

Skrillex newly discovered LA based electro producer mostly known for his originality and peculiar arsenal of synths which listener probably have never heard before. If Metal Electro was a genre i'd say this guy is it's pioneer...

His latest EP My Name Is Skrillex (which you can get for FREE) is without a doubt a diamond in the rough just waiting to be polished so it can go onto the hall of fame of electro producers!

He's also already lined up to play alongside Dirty Disco Youth at the Liquid Sky (September 3rd) and with Major Lazer,
Rusko, Tim Green and Designer Drugs at the Abstract Festival (September 11th).

With that said here are a few Tunes from the man Skrillex (Note the lady gaga and Black Eyed peas Remix are not included in the EP Free Download)

Fucking Die 2 (€€ Cooper Mix)- Skrillex In my opinion one of the best tunes in the EP.

Rock that Body (Skrillex Extended Remix)- Balck Eyed Peas Loving the vocals on this one.

Bad Romance (Skrillex Remix)- Lady Gaga Showing Lady Gaga's dirty side.


Ok for the bonus we got an absolute dirty track by Dirty Disco Youth, No matter how old it gets it never ceases to pump me up

Get The Fuck Out- Dirty Disco Youth

I'm Simple P


  1. Fucking Die 2 (€€ Cooper Mix)- Skrillex -sooo rad!

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