25 May 2010

Tim Green

Tim Green is the man.  I'd been seeing his name around, but never really gave him the time he deserves.  I'm glad I finally did.  This dude makes some of the best rave music out there.  The big standout is his percussion.  He also just constructs these awesome grooves.  He makes both House and Techno, but none of it is Progressive in any ways, if anything he leans towards Tech, but some of his House tracks are just undeniably plain House.  Another thing about his tracks is that you can tell that they're meant to be felt just as much as they're meant to be heard, making them perfect for raves.


Kitch In (Original Mix) - Tim Green
Awesome awesome awesome, probably his most famous track.

Raw Dog (Tim Green. Tg Remix) - Lee Burridge & Steve Porter  (Golden Banana)
Techno fans rejoice, this will be your favorite.

Lone Time (Original Mix) - Tim Green
Super percussive house

Tim Green Collection (360 MB)

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