23 July 2010


Kavinsky (1968-1986)

Cause of Death: Car Crash
Location: Outskirts of Paris
Estimate Time/Date of accident: Unknown
Corpse Status: Unknown

Additional Information: Entry 1- 00/00/1986 Died in a car crash whilst driving his (beloved) Testarossa. Mr Kavinsky was brought into the hospital by a female supposedly called LoveFoxxx. Shortly after storing Mr Kavinsky’s body for future medical research/organ transplants, a group of Medicine Students found Mr.Kavinsky’s body missing along with his medical records.

Entry 2 - 00/00/2005: Rumors have reached the Police suggesting that Mr Kavinsky has come back from the dead. Evidence shows that in fact Mr Kavinsky has been spotted in nightclubs all around the world with the likes of
SebastiAN, Daft Punk, A-Trak and Sebastien Tellier.After a short interview between detectives and RECORD MAKERS who allege that they’ve worked/spoken with Kavinsky state that he denies being dead and that it’s 2010.

Entry 3- 2010: RECORD MAKERS and KAVINSKY have released Nightcall which has already caught the attention of many top Producers and and Djs alike.

Some of my fav Nightcall Remixes:

Nightcall (Breakbot remix)- Kavinsky Another beautiful tune by Breakbot, very chilled and makes me feel like i was in the 70s/80s for real!Golden Banana

Nightcall (The Chaotic Good Remix)- Kavinsky TCG are a DJ Duo from the US that are still a bit unknown to the public. Although they haven't released an EP yet!(to my knowledge at least) their remixes of nightcall and Kickdrums by Felix da Housecat show promise that this duo has potential to release some really gud shit in the near futur!

Nightcall (MMMathias Remix)- Kavinsky If you don't know who this guy then you're seriously missing out....Best unknown known producer banana

Nightcall (The Girls Can Hear Us Remix) A dirtier alternative to the previous 3 remixes... who are the
The Girls Can Hear Usyou ask?


These are from his previous EP

Testarossa Overdrive (SebastiAN remix)- KavinskyEpic Banana because I love everything that this guy edits remixes and produces!

Testarossa Autodrive (Mr Oizo Remix)- Kavinsky Epic Banana this Guy needs no intro, no description, no explanation, if you're in the dirty electro scene this guy probably already has your respect

I'm Simple P


  1. that Chaotic Good Remix is some of the best electro I've heard in quite some time! and the Girls Can Hear Us one isn't bad either...

  2. breakbot's take on nightcall is sublime. i really wish i hadn't missed his recent shows...
    good posts champ. keep it up