11 July 2009

French House Arrest Episode III: Parisian Disco Pogo!

So we've now made it to 1997, the biggest year for French House, most importantly the year that Daft Punk released their debut LP, Homework. Some other really important things happened too, and they'll be covered as well, but this episode is about Daft Punk. I've also got a very early release from Alan Braxe, who would go on to make very important contributions to the direction of French House towards a more synthy sound with Fred Falke. 1997 was they year when French House really became known to the world as the powerhouse that it is now. Hell, even David Guetta rode the wave to fame.


I mean, it's Homework by Daft Punk. If you don't have this already, you're truly missing out. Completely produced in their own bedrooms, all I can say is masterpiece. This alone defined them as the masters of French House, landed them a spot on Pete Tong's Essential Mix show on BBC Radio 1, and a tour.

The best DJ mix. Period.

Of course, not nearly as awesome or innovative as Alive 2007, but they didn't have as much material to play with yet.

[Roulé 303] Vertigo - Alan Braxe

Great EP. Not only did Alan Braxe create one funky ass track, but then Thomas Bangalter supplies one of the most incredible remixes ever. This definitely worked heavily towards defining the genre.

Grab a bunch of other /rarer Daft Punk tracks HERE.