13 July 2009

French House Arrest Episode IV: Backtrack

I do still insist that 1997 is the biggest year for French House, but I realized that I left out some important/awesome developments that occurred in 1996.


Now I can't really speak for its significance in terms of the evolution of the genre, but this did predate '97 and is just awesome. The true winner is the remix from DJ Gregory (my favorite track in this post), but the I:Cube remix is also amazing. I:Cube is another important DJ in the creation on French House, and you'll be seeing his album in one of the upcoming '97 posts.

The Mighty Bop, more commonly known as Bob Sinclar, was another very important name during the foundations of French House. He even had a little incident with Thomas Bangalter over a certain track, to be posted eventually. This particular track that I posted is very Hip-hop/Breakbeat influenced along with the funk/space influences of the French Touch and, of course, is just as cool as everything else his peers were releasing at the time.

Dimitri From Paris
is so cool, that he's become the Playboy Mansions resident DJ. His style is a mix of House, Disco, Hip-hop, and Lounge. This is not really French House, but very much in line with the whole French Touch scene, almost like Daft Punk and Air had a child that decided to move to Cancun. And nobody can deny that the man has style.

Also, everyone should check out the blog Ilictronix. Great source for French House, among other stuff.


  1. yo drunky, 1st link and last link are the same, and I want that Dimitri From Paris! MANS GOT STYLE, YOU SEE THAT GOATEE?

  2. Fixed, and thanks again for the awesome set(s) last night. When are you gonna send us those mashups?

  3. the sinclair track is sickkk