13 July 2009

Double Stacked

Taking a very short break from French House Arrest to give you this track. Been looking a while for any Joey Youngman tracks, and I finally found one. Joey Youngman would be the real name of Wolfgang Gartner, and he used to make Jackin House, which I guess is like an energetic blend of Disco House and Deep House.


Double Stacked (Original Mix) - Joey Youngman

Some of the coolest shit I've heard in a long time. Definitely want to include this in my next set. On loop.


  1. ps: he looks so unassuming, would you guess he was an ill producer from that look?

  2. Yeah, I totally agree. Some DJs (Ed Banger) seem to hold fashion as high as their music. It's cool when you find guys who are really focused on the music.

  3. Tee & Jeans = all you need