13 July 2009

French House Arrest Episode V: Party Like It's 1997

Back on track and in our favorite year ever (the year I picked up Piano actually) 1997. This year marked the release of the quintessential French House/Touch album, being Super Discount from Etienne De Crecy (pictured). However, it was actually released a few days (really days) after Homework, so it definitely was not the first like many claim. Also, I'm including the first release on the label Crydamoure, a label set up by Guy-Manuel De Homem Christo of Daft Punk and Eric Chedeville. Discogs describes the label as such: "Deep French House label bringing together the finest filtered sounds from the likes of Paul Johnson, Daft Punk and DJ Sneak." Definitely the most important of the French House labels, everyone should head over to Solid Goldberger to grab its entire discography.


If anyone every asks you what French House / French Touch is, this is its defining album. It's extremely cool and stylish. Collaborating with such artists as Alex Gopher, Etienne De Crecy definitely made one of the most awesome albums ever, definitely a big step up from his work with Motorbass. Even if you're not sold on your first listen, I promise you that you will appreciate this. Also, I couldn't find this shit posted ANYWHERE and had to buy it on iTunes a while back. Figure I should give him money for this though. Funny how iTunes Plus gives you 224 kbps mp3s when I steal 320s every day. What's the point of buying music if I can get better quality for free? P.S. If anyone is thinking of buying me any gifts for any particular reason, this on vinyl would be optimal :)

You should also head over HERE for some remixes by Mr. Crecy.

First release from Le Knight Club, made up of the label owners Guy-Manuel and Eric. Holiday On Ice is my favorite of the two, such an amazing groove.

Aurora - Alex Gopher
Guaranteed to get your crowd jumping. This track is from 2008*

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