14 July 2009

Feadz: People Money Numbers Business - EP

Ed Banger hasn't been releasing much this year, they'd built up so much momentum over the past few years but have been relatively quiet since, probably due to all the touring, but they need to pick up the game considering how prolific Boys Noize manages to be, however with that being said, wait, i would also like to comment that Krazy Baldhead's release wasn't that great i was dissapointed after his earlier material, ok with all that being said, their latest release, by none other than french electro house DJ/Producer and former Uffie-mate, Feadz is really fantastic, i've always liked his material, which has this raw, funky, old-school, 80's, hip-hop sound. Every release, especially since he got signed to Ed Banger has been getting better and better, and plus he helped Mr. Oizo out making analog wormz attack, so that puts him pretty high in my book. Thank God he didn't dissapoint. The first track 'Constant Ovulation' is really oldschool electro/techno in the end, but still pretty cool , although it is my least favorite on the EP. The Second track 'The Bright Side' is just a really amazing electro-house track, not a banger but, just like a pretty 80's track, vaguely reminiscent of like boys noize's mellower housey tracks. As for the third track 'Age 21': MMM this track sounds so french to me, this ones more ravey, its like cool but electro-ey 90's house, love this one. 'Liisborg Error' is definately the hardest hitting track on here, just really ravey electro-house, really amazing stuff here, unexpected sound from feadz though. The 'Flashin' Outro' is just classic french house, just really good. Overall, really nice EP, maybe his best. But i don't know how accesible it is really in the end. you judge. really listen, if your reading this blog you'll enjoy it>>>

Feadz - P*M*N*B - EP (LINK)

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  1. the title is a reference to Computer World by Kraftwerk, no?